Purgatory Creek Park

Purgatory Creek

A place where one can cleanse themselves of whatever baggage they may possess. Yes, I know that sounded cliche, but it is true. Purgatory Creek is a place where I go often. While hiking the trails I find myself focusing on life instead of the stress life provides. Despite the fact, Purgatory does not have water access (except for after a flood) it is one of the most popular parks in the area. With miles of trails  going through meadows and 570 acres of wildlife, Purgatory Creek is very much loved by its visitors and this blog will give some examples as to why you should as well.

New Information about Purgatory Creek

  • Reopening Purgatory After the Flood

    • The past flooding in San Marcos the park had to be temporarily closed. The park is divided into two main sections: Upper Purgatory and Lower Purgatory. The Upper section was only closed for about a week however the lower half was
      This is the trail still temporarily closed.

      closed for almost two months. This was a  huge disappointment to locals in San Marcos who visit the park religiously, myself included. It was closed for almost two months after the last flood. I pass by the lower Purgatory every day while on my way to work. The inner tree hugger within me was excited to see the barricade’s to the lower half being lifted on its reopening day. All except for one trail has been open to the public now but with a park as large as Purgatory Creek this is hardly an issue.

  •  Restroom Facilities

    • The reason why I wanted to include this is because some parks do not have
      Yes, this is a picture of a porta potty

      restroom facilities all the time and if they do they are sometimes disgusting. Purgatory Creek has for a long time has a porta potty for visitors to use. Prior before the flood park services would change it out once a month. Post-Flood they have changed it out bi-weekly.  This is an action by park services worthy of being commended. I am NOT a germaphobe, but I am sanitary. So, thank you park services.



  • Fun Activites

    • Things to do year round at Purgatory Creek include the trails, photo- taking, bird watching, and spelunking. All of which can be done on or near the trails.
      • The trails

        • Hiking, jogging, and dog walking are all done on the trails. Upper
          Hiking with the Roommates

          Purgatory has only natural trails to hike on. Lower Purgatory had both natural trails and a gravel trail as well. The gravel trail is the one temporarily closed but the natural trail will lead you to the same location.

        • To see a video of one of the trails click here.
      • Spelunking

        • Yes, there is a cave in Purgatory Creek Park. It is small and should be described as more of a crawl space however it does exist. It is a challenge among the college students who go to find where it is in the park. So I challenge yall to go find the cave. HINT: you will have to go off trail
      • Bird watching and Photo-taking

        • Bird watching is peaceful and can be done anywhere in the park.
        • Photo-taking can also be done anywhere in the park. Here is a pro tip when taking photos here. The top of the dam is the best place to take a picture with a view.
        • To see a video of me on top of the dam click here.
        • 0305160843
          Taking a selfie at the top of the dam (Pro Tip)

Future Blogs and Reading of Interest

  • Future Blogs

    • If you have kids or kid-like tendencies then you will like my next blog!
  • Reading of Interest

    • More info and history of Purgatory Creek- Click “here“.
    • Bobcat Blog about Purgatory Creek- Clicks “here“.

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